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Friday, March 25, 2011

Fashion Friday - Refashion edition

Mixing things up a bit this week (alright and being lazy) so there is no voting widget thinking- but you still get to check out what I am wearing today, and feel free to comment, good bad or otherwise.  Lord knows I need the guidance.  I do feel like I am doing better though, and am being more purposeful in what I put on, and taking a few more seconds on my make-up too.

I re-fashioned the back top I am wearing, it was a dress/ tunic like top with flappy sides and a high crew neck.  I think I wore it 2 times as it was, so today I took a pair of scissors and made it into a vest.  I cut the bottom band off, cut out the neckline and made it more v-shaped.  I also cut open the front and cut the armholes bigger.
t-shirt and cami - Lane Bryant
Jeans - Lane Bryant
Vest - refashioned from a Target top


And yes, that is one of my little monkeys in the tub behind me.  Wanna see? There is actually 2 little monkeys in there, getting clean for their cousins birthday party tonight.

 Have great weekend and don't forget to 'vote' on the outfit in the comments below


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