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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Saving money in the morning.

This week I have been spring cleaning my kitchen, and it has inspired me to spend more time cooking.  Now, I am not a cook my nature, sure I cook dinner for my family most nights, but nothing fancy and I don't generally enjoy it.  But lately I have been inspired, by recipes online and by trying to find more ways to both be a little healthier and save some money.

Today I have decided to take on my families' favorite breakfast food- Eggos.  We love how fast they are to make, and you can take them on the go (sans the syrup of course), not to mention how yummy they are.  So I put pencil to paper to figure out if I could save any money making them myself.  (ok, 1st I did a little online searching to see what other people thought about freezing homemade waffles, and it turns out it works great).  I plan on using Bisquick as my starting point for the waffles (remember I said I am not a cook, so for me this is as close to 'from scratch' as I get for now).  I did the math and I can make 60 homemade waffles for about $6.  That is saving over half, since 60 Eggos at the grocery store cost $15.60, and even when we make it to Costco for the big box of Eggos, it costs $9.06, so I will still be saving 1/3.  Now since it takes about 1.5 weeks to go thru 60 Eggos, we will save about $30 a month...  wow, doing that math is an eye opener for me.

To the waffle iron I go!