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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rainy Day Activities

Yes, I know it it June, but apparently no one bothered to hit the Summer switch for the weather here in the Northwest.  In fact, it has been alot more like Fall here, and the troops are getting restless.

Our boys have been begging to go tot he park, ride their bikes, play ball...  anything to get outside and run around.  Cold weather is one thing, just put on a coat and run the kids ragged.  But rain?  that is where I draw the line, sorry kiddos- we are staying inside.  Now the question is, how to help them release all that energy and still have my house standing.  I have found the solution.  Tossles!  what are Tossles you ask?  Well, they are funny faced balls made from socks that I made for the boys to throw inside.  They are so soft, you can throw them as hard as you want at your brother's head and no one gets hurt.  I actually made them out of the left over bits from the Sock monkeys I can't seem to stop making.  The kids and I have torture tested them, and had we have had all our friends try them out- and everyone agrees, they are the softest balls ever, and so much fun to toss around the house.

We are still crossing our fingers for some sunshine though, as I am sure one day the boys will get bored of indoor dodge ball as well.