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Friday, April 1, 2011

Fashion Friday- My new look!

I decided to be my true self- not worry what others think, and shed the suburban housewife look I have been drowning my creative soul in.  So I will not be wordy today, and let the pictures do the talking.  I feel so alive and free again.

So, have you ever dressed a certain way because you thought you 'should'?  to avoid making waves?  I think now I will see who my true friends are, and if my suburban hood will accept me for the creative free spirit that I am.

 Have a great weekend everyone!  I know I will!


edit to add:
I have gotten a few questions as to where my pieces came from
both the purple and black skirts are from Target
Leggings- Target
White v-neck with fairies top - Old Navy
Lace top- Victoria's Secret
Black and white arm warmer (yes I am only wearing 1, I am a trend starter baby)  - Baby Legs
Yarn dreads - Etsy
Shoes- acquired, not sure where exactly
Make-up  - Bare Essentials

And yes, this is all from my current closet :)


  1. I am in love, love, LOVE with those shoes!!! Rock it girl!