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Friday, March 25, 2011

53% saved at Safeway today

I love saving, I really do.  I needed to swing by Safeway today to pick up my rain checked tortillas, so I decided to make the trip even more worth my while.  I got most of my deal ideas from one of my favorite deal bloggers, Coupon Connections NW.  Head over to her blog to get all the details and save big like I did, or better!
I spent $62.88 and saved $69.79

I few items were on my 'need' list and thus were maybe not the best deal, but I still saved.  
Like Children's Sudefed Cough and Cold (for my little sick kiddos)  was marked 50% off
- the Tortillas were on sale earlier this week but they were out so I got a rain check- so I got 10 packs of 10 for 99 cents each.  
- We were out of sugar, so though it was not on sale, I did have a $1/2 coupon from a peelie from back in November

another great blogger Happy Money Saver reminded me of the great frozen food coupon in this weeks ad- All frozen foods are on this sale, spend $15 and save $5 instantly...  see Happy Money Saver for more details- but I will tell you, I used the Safeway $42 Frozen food coupon book, and scored the hash browns for 87 cents each!  
  Happy shopping!


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