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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Love me Some Cheap Kelloggs and Free milk!

Just a quick post to show off the great deal I scored tonight.  I had a catalina for free milk from Friday, and we  ran out of milk so I headed out, and used another set of Twice the Value coupons (aka doublers) 
I also got a catalina for a free bag of Albertsons cheese from my last trip to the store, not sure what triggered it, but yeah for cheese!

the short version of this trip- I paid $16.36 out of pocket for all this, saved $46.53, got another catalina for free milk, and now have enough UPCs to send in for a $10 prepaid master card for gas purchases...

to get all the details on the awesome cereal + free milk + gas card deal. go check out my favorite coupon blogger Coupon Connections NW    

Also, breyers ice cream is buy 1 get 2 free, they only had vanilla left, but we love to add chocolate chips for a tasty treat.

You can still use your doublers today (Tuesday) so swing by Albertsons and stock up.


PS- I will be back later today to explain last Friday's post ;)

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