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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

so, what IS my Style?

Nearly 2 weeks ago I inspired some of you, and scared the rest.  And I left everyone asking, was her outfit an April Fool's joke or her coming out post of sorts? I have gotten a great deal of questions, and while I have been away from the blog, I have been mulling them over and would like to answer a lot of them today. 

1) Was my post on April 1st a joke? This one has a yes and no answer. Yes, I did dress up, to pull a prank on my preteen when he was coming home from school- I told him it was my new everyday look, and offered to take him to the mall.  It worked, and he was nervous that I was really going to make him be seen with me. 

And no, I wasn't completely kidding.  I am a free spirit, but I often put that aside in order to 'blend in'.  As a clothing designer, both by profession and heart, I am artistic, and my medium of choice is clothing.  I did go out with my family that day I dressed up, now, I did take off the lace top (per my preteen's request) and changed from the stripper shoes to flats (they are soo not comfortable).  And I didn't feel silly or like it was Halloween.  I liked the make-up, yarn dreads and everything.  I was comfortable, happy, I enjoyed myself.  

2) Will I be dressing that way all the time?  No.  Even though, I enjoyed myself and had fun, I am less like Thomas Kinkade and more like Picasso. In trying to figure out my 'style' - I have some to realize, I have many styles, and I am happiest when I shake it up from day to day.  In fact, like many painters, I am only unhappy with myself, when i don't make the effort to put paint on the canvass, when I simply toss clothes on with no thought.  Sure, every painting isn't a masterpiece, and some will never leave the studio floor...  but the joy is in the journey right? Right.   

An example of what I mean, here are pictures of my outfits from April 1st, 2nd and 3rd- all different, and I felt good in all of them.

Teal sweater above is from Lane Bryant
Purple scarf is simply yarn from my stash

Periwinkle dress at left is from Old Navy
Necklace is a bracelet I attached to a chain

-and the last question I will answer today (because this is getting long)
3)Do I dress up for my Friday Fashion posts?  Not really.  I do make more of an effort on Fridays, because it tends to be the day I purposely try to look nice, both for me, and for my hubby.  We normally go out for dinner, or do something fun as a family to celebrate the end of the week- so I do try harder (normally) that day.  Although, I have noticed since I started the Friday Fashion posts, I try to get dressed sooner in the day that I used to, and generally try harder most days to look nice and not just throw on whatever I see in the closet.   Being a stay at home mom, and working from home, there are many days I don't leave the house- so it would be easy to wear my pjs or sweats all day- and honestly, I have.  However, I am more productive, happy and inspired when I get ready in the morning, as if I were going somewhere. 

I hope that answers some questions, and I would love to answer any more that you all might have- fire away:)


ps- yes, my hubby really did like my outfit on the 1st, and he liked my outfits on the 2nd and 3rd just as well- I married the perfect guy in that regard, he loves how I enjoy creating so many very different looks- more on that in another post...

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